How to use WhatsApp dark mode?

You don’t have to search for each program manually to download useful software to your phone or PC. You can automate the process of installing useful software using utilities that allow you to download and install the necessary applications in automatic mode. That information is closely related to WhatsApp and the way of using dark mode in it.

The Correct Use of WhatsApp

WhatsApp helps you find and download important software. Downloading applications is done without trojans or spyware. The software in the catalog is sorted by category, there is a tool for quickly searching for a utility by name. After installing it select the desired section with the software: antivirus, communication, and so on. This will open the entire list of applications that can be downloaded to your computer.

Add the necessary utilities – click the green plus button next to the desired item. All the software added to the list will be displayed in the new “Selected” section. Then click “Install” and the program will automatically download the installation files. Upon completion of the download, the installation of the selected software will begin on the computer.

There may also be areas where local laws go beyond what the recommendations in this document offer. Similarly, companies may decide that some current laws actually limit their ability to take action in other areas. Guidelines for such situations are contained in the UN Guiding Principles on Commercial and Human Rights.

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The Way of Using WhatsApp Dark Mode

If you are using WhatsApp Web, you don’t have to wait for official support to appear. WABetaInfo has discovered a few simple steps of how to change the color of your apps right now. The source specifically notes that the new dark theme feature for WhatsApp Web has not yet been officially launched. The development team is already working hard on it, but it is not yet presented in the browser and desktop versions.

What needs to be done:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web on the official page
  2. Log in with QR code and smartphone with WhatsApp
  3. Then right-click on the area outside the chats and select Inspect
  4. In the opened code of the page, go to the top, where the line body class = “web” is present. The web is the name of the original theme, it should be replaced with “web dark”
  5. When you change the line, confirm by pressing ENTER, and WhatsApp Web should go into dark mode
  6. You can switch to the “light side” in the same way by removing dark from the corresponding line.

The process of downloading the installation file will start. As soon as the utility completes the process of downloading the utility, the automatic installation of the downloaded application to the operating system will begin.